Make Sense of Your Future

Our digital devices are wonderful at slicing and dicing up our days into ever smaller pieces, but when we keep looking at these tiny pieces it’s easy to forget about the big stuff. I’m talking about upcoming events like weddings, birthdays, graduations, races, and much deserved vacations. When we can keep our lives in perspective, it’s much easier to keep on fighting through each day.

Protect the Week

Calendars tend to think that weeks aren’t that important. Just because one month ends doesn’t mean it’s OK to stop the week on a Tuesday and force people to find the next broken week that starts on a Wednesday. We need to always be able to see what’s coming up for the rest of the week and the next couple weeks after that. Our lives don’t stop for months and our calendars shouldn’t either.

Dive In Fast

Everything about the Big Picture Calendar is designed to help you to understand where you are with the least effort. The month names are big and sit inside each month. The colors are there to help you see the different months. The shaded weekends are there to let you know which days you can relax if you have a “regular” schedule. There are even week numbers to see where you are in the whole year.

Everyone Can Write

This is a regular paper calendar and using it is just a matter of moving a pen or pencil across the surface. Want to make it more important? Write bigger. Underline a few times if you like. You can even doodle. If the event spans a few days you can write huge letters across all the days. It feels so good to write “VACATION!” across a whole week.

Mark Your Progress

Is there some ongoing challenge you’ve been trying to do? Mark the numbers for stuff like losing weight or running distances. It’s also fun to mark a big, fat X across days to see how we’ll you’ve been doing. Go ahead, use a Sharpie, shout it out to the world.

Horizontal or Vertical

To get the whole year visible at once the calendar needs to be big: 24″ x 36″. Since this may be hard to fit in some spaces there’s also a horizontal version that’s 36″ x 24″.

Dry Erase or Regular

Want to write big AND be able to change your plans? Each of the calendars is available with lamination that works with dry erase markers.