Calendar pile

You may not be aware of this, but calendars are lying to you. The lie at this point is so entrenched and so normal that we hardly think about it. We don’t know any different.

Here is the great lie:

The month is the most important thing.

When you look at a calendar, the main unit of time is the month. Each page of a wall calendar only shows one month at a time. Everything else is hidden away, only accessed by awkward page flips while you try to avoid knocking the whole thing off the wall.

There are other calendars that show the whole year one one big poster, but they also focus on the months. There are big gaps between the months to make room for the month’s dominance in our way of thinking.

When it comes to making plans, the month is not the most important thing. Here’s what really matters:

The time until the next event is the most important thing.

When we talk about events in our lives it’s often in terms of “this weekend,” “next weekend,” or “in a few weeks.” What we’re talking about is how much time we have until that happens, how much time we have left to get ready.

The breaks between the months make it harder to get a clear view of what’s coming up. We need to do extra mental work to reconnect all those broken weeks that had the bad luck of starting on one month and ending on another.

The Big Picture calendar has a simple solution to all of this: put the months together and use colors to help tell them apart.


It seems like a small change, but it can have a big impact. It cuts down on the time you spend trying to make the calendar fit the way you see time.

People using the calendar have found it to be a big help in planning for weddings, moves, or marathons. Others who do regular events every single week have found it to help know if they’ll meet their goals. Many have been buying the calendar every year it’s been available.

So try it out now. See time the way you should be seeing it.

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