How to use the calendar

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The Big Picture Calendar is different from most other calendars. Like with any calendar or tool you can use it however you want. Over time I’ve noticed two large themes for use by customers. These are:

  • event planning
  • life logging

Event Planning

The event planning can be for professionals or family use. Professionals who are working on multiple events a year and can have different milestones for each event like to have the whole year be constantly scannable. With the months together the vertical distance on the calendar always matches up with how far away the event is. Month gaps in regular “year at a glance” calendars distort the lengths of time.

Families have been using these calendars as common reference points. All it takes is for one person to write down an event and everyone else can see what’s coming up. With little kids in my own family who can’t read it’s been very helpful to keep pointing out the present day (“here”) and an upcoming event (“down here”). This also works for small offices.

The calendar is designed for big plans so don’t be shy and write in huge letters. Take up the whole block or a group of blocks if it spans more than one day. If it’s a recurring weekly event you can draw a column down the days. The more visual it is the better so go ahead and doodle a picture or use different color pens.

Life Logging

Life logging just means marking your progress on the calendar. This can be crossing off tasks, events, or whole days with a nice, big X. It can feel surprisingly good to mark off some task you’ve been wanting to conquer.

The other form of life logging is marking your progress with numbers. These can be weight, miles run, words written, or anything else that’s important to you. It seems small, but the act of marking your progress can be huge.

Some Reading

In case you want to read up on anything else to inspire you, here are a couple of books that I recently found to be inspiring.