Pardon Our Dust

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Just a few minutes ago I received the final test print that I needed from my vendor. Everything is looking good and the links on the shop page can now be used to order the 2016 calendar.

The main change to the design is to have more subtle colors. After living with the 2015 version for a while I felt that it was a little too saturated and could stand a little further back to make the writing easier and clearer.

OK, that’s the only change.

The current sad news is that lamination is not currently an option for calendars. This is sad news since the slight majority of the orders were for laminated versions. Dry erase is a huge thing for making plans and I’m looking into other options to make this happen.

Right now the main options are to:

  • Get a frame with a plastic cover
  • Cut your own plastic cover
  • Laminate it yourself

That’s all on the customer’s side and not one I’d like to continue with. For me, the main thing is to see how well the calendars sell in the next couple months. If sales can do well, then I can get a small business loan to take the next big step.

Here’s what that next big step would look like:

  • Buying a large-format printer with lots of ink (~$4k)
  • Buying a 27″ laminator and some rolls (~$1.5k)
  • Renting out an office space for all of this (~$500/mo)
  • Lots of other shipping supplies ($500)

That’s a total of $6,500 and since things go wrong I’ll bump it up to $8k to give some margin.

What’s missing from this is how many calendars I’d need to sell to have all of this make sense as my full-time job. That’s a little more math for another day in the near future.

For now, I’m focusing on getting the front page updated and a few calendar variations ready to go.

OK, back to work.