Do It Every Day

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Do It Every Day

There’s something beautifully simple about having something that you do every single day. You should totally do it.

Sure, it sounds so much harder. Why not start at once or twice a week? How about I wait until the weekend to give it a go?

You see? You’ve already started rationalizing and you probably haven’t even thought of what you’d be doing yet. Doing something every day means that you start now. You’re already on the clock so get it done.

With every day you know that you have one checkbox to take care of and so you don’t have the chance to spend the time rationalizing. Have you done it? Good. Not yet? Come on, go do it!

Compare that to committing to doing something three days a week. Great, now what days are you going to pick? I’ll give you a few minutes.

Done? Great! The problem is when any of those days hits you’re going to have the new option to hold true to your plan or delay it a day. This process is going to repeat a few times a day every day that you plan on doing whatever it is you want to do.

You will spend more time rationalizing about when to act than you would’ve just doing the action. That alone is such a sad waste of energy.

When you commit to doing it every day you skip that process because it’s just not an option. You get into doing it and the more often you do this the easier it gets.

After a while you’re not even thinking about doing it, it’s just a part of your daily habit. You don’t think about the need to eat and you won’t think about doing your daily action.

Give yourself enough ways to skip out on whatever you want to do and those number of days a week will dwindle. You’ll scale down your expectations on yourself until you give it up entirely.

So what will sound better in six months time?

“I’ve been doing that every day for the past six months.”


“I started off doing it a few times a week, but then I got busy. I got into it again for a couple weeks, but now I’m just spending my time on social media.”

Simplicity is powerful, gets you straight to the good stuff, and will sustain you for so much longer.

So go ahead and start.