My name is Ed Lewis and in 2012 I got really upset about calendars. The problem had been brewing for several years, but that was the tipping point for me.

I just didn’t understand why calendars were so artificial and didn’t work the way I wanted them to work. I started to get obsessed with why others were so obsessed with the month as a unit of time. I also kept this to myself as I didn’t think anyone else would care.

After talking to a friend about it we got to the inevitable conclusion when he said, “well, why don’t you make one you want?”

He was right. It was time to move beyond frustration with why I couldn’t find what I wanted and to just make it myself.

I printed it up and put it on my wall. I liked it.

After a couple weeks someone said, “well, why don’t you put that up on Kickstarter?”

So I did and hundreds of people backed it. I was stunned. There are other calendar people out there?

This continued on with Kickstarter campaigns in 2013 and 2014. Each one a big success and previous backers were coming back for more.

This year I’ve switched to a print-on-demand model. There were just too many different versions that people were asking for. This way I can try out a lot of new ideas without having to worry about inventory.

So if you want to see a different version or just want to geek out about calendars, feel free to email me at I’ll get back to you.

Thank you,