See time differently

Connect the months

Two Week View

You should always have a quick and clear view of the next two weeks. Any gap or page turn that gets in your way mucks this view up. That's how birthdays in the beginning of the month keep sneaking up on you. Bad views lead to bad planning.

“I really like the year view as I work on a lot of projects concurrently.”

“I'm very visual (hate digital watches, I have to 'see' how much time is left in an hour) so I love this so much.”

“OMG I love seeing the progression of the year, and I can think more into the future.”

“I have a huge family. This is a great way to keep track of everyone's birthdays. It's also a good place to see all of my work travel and vacation. It makes it much easier to plan.”

These calendars came from a dark period of getting angry with calendars. It wasn't pretty. Friends and loved ones became concerned about my rants on time design. Then I made my own calendar and have been refining the design over the past five years. 

These calendars are printed at 24" x 36" and require a decent amount of wall space, but they have become one of my favorite tools. I love working on this project and love hearing stories about how they've been used.

I hope they can help you plan your future as well.